“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”

"You took the things that mean the most to me." - Charles Xavier "Maybe you should have fought harder for it." - Erik Lehnsherr

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So all these nudes were leaked from the cloud right?…..Where are his?

I have never seen so many (wide open) shaved pussies in my entire queer life. I think I’m good for another five years. But I will have to show these to my mother; she has…

BTW - are you aware that if you do not have sex - you will not get pregnant? 

-GASP- I didnt!!! You know what else a person shouldnt do?! Have unprotected sex with a stranger! That MIGHT even be what it’s like to put your sex photos on the iCloud. Youve gotta pray to god you dont get pregnant, HIV or herpes.

Hey Kate, Kat, Katie, Katie-Jean, Kitty, Kitty-Kat, Miss Kate or fucking awesome; I think WE are too old for Tumblr and their fucking nonsense.

If Tumblr inhabitants is the generation that is going to lead this world in the future; We are fucked. The majority don’t leave their bedrooms (or have a sense of humor)!

I pray for the Mutant Apocalypse.

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I’m not going to lie.


Even though I’m completely straight. I am more than confident enough in my masculinity to say that I do find some guys. Uhm…aesthetically pleasing haha. Like Lee Pace. 

Just aesthetically pleasing…? Not fuck-able? Well although we are different - at least we find the same guy…hot :-) Yeah a new gay/straight alliance has been formed! Lee Pace might be able to solve the problems in Israel? Nah…maybe not. 

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James would NEVER receive a GQ award, anyway



GQ has never given him a single cover in all those years of amazing contribution to the British film industry, why would they give him a fucking award for best actor? I just had to laugh at the irony of Cumberbatch saying he was thankful James wasn’t available. Well, James was kind of available,…

Sadly, I agree completely. The only thing accomplished by Ben saying that is showing that he’s pretty obsessed with James.

OK so I wasn’t the only one bitching. Right now Cumberbatch has a legion of followers that means $$$$$$ to the powers to be. Right now I think the super hot actors that should definitely be recognized by GQ are: James McAvoy, Lee Pace and Chris Pratt - but definitely Jame McAvoy. The guy is overdue some major respect. Benedict’s first only movie Fifth Estate fucking BOMBED like a turd. And he’s been very lucky to be part of very huge successful ensembles like 12 Years a Slave and The Hobbit. McAvoy has Atonement, Last King of Scotland, Filth and X-Men movies (not to mention Macbeth). 

But then the Emmys gave Cumberbatch the award instead of Ruffalo. That was the worst - I wonder how much money BBC paid off for that..? They snubbed an amazing American story about AIDS in the US for the worst season of the British Sherlock? I mean - He doesn’t win a BAFTA but wins an Emmy? And I really like Benedict Cumberbatch. I think his Emmy and BAFTA should have been for Parade’s End and/or 1st Season of Sherlock. 

So In other words: these things are really fixed. So, we can’t take them seriously.